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Meet the Team

To see Adam and Angela Ritchey, business owners of Longfellow Properties, on a bike ride is to see two people in their element. For this dynamic and driven team, pushing themselves to do more, focusing on the road ahead and following the regimen they’ve methodically planned come naturally. Both of them have been faithfully exercising since they were teenagers. That was when each of them set their sights on living a healthy lifestyle, and they’ve achieved that ever since. When Adam and Angela set their sights on something, they excel – they believe if they aim higher, they’ll hit the mark.

A Team of Service

Adam and Angela love their bike rides together and they keep faithfully to their schedule of exercise weekly. But they are just as devoted to their community. Adam and Angela are members of Second Baptist Church and have been faithful supporters of mission and kids programs. They also support Star of Hope Mission and set their site to impact homeless men, women and children locally and Life Outreach International to impact the lives of men, women and children in other nations. You see, Adam and Angela are team of service. Whenever they take on a project or cause, they are determined to help. That dedication and avail are key to their success in life and business.

Disciplined Determination

Adam says, “A true leader leads with a spirit of servitude, setting the example for others to follow through sacrifice and ethical responsibility.” Adam credits his parent’s dedication to serving their family for his disciplined determination. Their example lead Adam to serve in the U.S. military for 7 years. With his exceptional attention to details blended with his innovative creativity, Adam has also contributed to visual aids and progressive work standards for the nation’s largest railroad, positively affecting the lives of hundreds of employees.

Angela credits her late father, a National Guardsman, for her disciplined determination. “My parents wanted my sister and me to make our lives the best they could be,” Angela says. Their influence inspired Angela to pursue a degree in the medical field. For many years, she worked as a registered pharmacist. But she was eager to deal more closely with people, so she embarked on a career as an independent Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. With her exceptional communication skills and inherent sensitivity towards others, she was a deeply dedicated leader who nurtured many successful careers.

A Legacy of

At Longfellow Properties, Adam and Angela bring the same dedication and commitment to their career as professional real estate investors serving the Greater Houston area. Every day they work very closely with sellers to ensure they get the very best results for their home sale. With a combination of exceptional marketing and people skills, they effectively guide their customers through each step of the process, answering questions, and ensuring that they are kept constantly informed.

Hitting the Mark

Adam and Angela have experienced many “life changing” events first hand and share a unique understanding and empathy with many of their customers. Most of all, sellers and property owners who work with them know they can count on Adam and Angela to provide solutions that are specific to their particular needs. Adam and Angela’s unwavering commitment to ensuring that each of their customer’s experiences is smooth and stress-free has won them many fans. “We aim higher to provide win-win solutions. If there is a way to make a customer’s move easier for them, we’ll do it.” If you’re considering selling a house in Houston or surrounding areas, contact the professionals you can truly count on – Longfellow Properties. With Longfellow Properties, you Hit the Mark.